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Corona virus in numbers: UK records 34,574 more cases

Amid rising case levels in some areas of the country, councils have now issued advice to schools regarding children aged 12-18. Although the government has lifted measures such as mandatory face coverings, some councils have now recommended reintroducing some measures to stem the spread of the virus.

Up to 11 councils are now advising all schools in their districts to resume some COVID measures.

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According to Schools Week, the measures could affect 1,700 schools and nearly 600,000 pupils.

Staffordshire County Council has recommended schools reintroduce measures such as class bubbles and mandatory face coverings.

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Dr Richard Harling, Director of Health and Care at Staffordshire Rural Council, told LGC: “Some of the things we do are just…remind schools of things like hand hygiene, good ventilation, the importance of regular testing and trying to get everything [12-18-year-olds] Through a vaccination program as soon as possible because that probably more than anything else will have the greatest long-term impact.

Councils order schools to reinstate restrictions as cases escalate (Image: Getty)

Councils order schools to reinstate restrictions as cases escalate

Councils order schools to reinstate restrictions as cases escalate (Image: Getty)

“The risk of transmission to siblings seems to be very high, especially when one of the children is in elementary school and the other is in high school, and it seems like getting a sibling into school while waiting for PCR results is a really good way to see a whole new outbreak.”

“So, it is really up to the schools to interpret this advice and implement it in the most practical way for their children and staff.”

Among the 11 councils, Trafford has the highest Covid rate per 100,000 at 832.6.

Staff and pupils at Trafford are required to take daily lateral flow tests (LFT) before going to school.

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Vaccines do not prevent people from contracting Covid

Vaccines do not prevent people from contracting Covid (Image: Getty)

Other areas such as Calderdale, Cumbria and Peterborough have also been affected by the high number of cases.

Calderdale Board advised high schools to continue implementing face coverings and asked all schools to limit group mixing.

In Cumbria, pupils who live in a household where someone has Covid must either take daily LFT tests or get a negative PCR in order to go back to school.

Colin Cox, director of public health for Cumbria CC said: “Rates of Covid-19 among children and young adults in Cumbria are very high.

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Long Covid data

Long Covid data (Photo: Express)

“Although we have seen a slowdown in these rates over the past seven days, they are still very high and disrupting children’s education.”

High schools across Peterborough are also being advised to reintroduce face coverings in public.

Elementary school staff may also consider the same order, according to the guidelines.

Jyoti Atari, director of public health for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, said the measures were “reasonable precautions” and recommended schools follow the advice.

Professor Chris Whitty

Professor Chris Whitty (Image: Getty)

In August, local councils in Cornwall and Torbay introduced enhanced measures and have since seen a decline in the number of cases.

In Cornwall, rates fell from 829 per 100,000 on August 22, to 242 on September 15.

However, cases have been slowly increasing since the procedures ended on October 1.

It was the same in Torbay where the number of cases fell to 284 in mid-September, but saw a spike of 367 last week.

Schools can impose restrictions again

Schools can impose restrictions again (Image: Getty)

This comes as the five teaching unions wrote to the Minister of Education calling for the measures to be reinstated.

“Without changing direction,” they said, “we risk harming the education of thousands of children sometime before Christmas.”

It comes as the UK recorded more than 45,000 new cases of Covid across the UK, the highest rise in cases since July.

According to the latest government figures, there were 45,140 new cases of the virus and 57 related deaths in the past 24 hours.

The total number of people who tested positive for Covid-19 within 28 days rose to 138,584.

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