Councillor pledges to quit smoking following decision to ban cigarettes from outside Milton Keynes schools – MKFM 106.3FM

A local council member revealed that he will quit smoking after an inter-party decision was made not to encourage smoking outside schools.

Chancellor Paul Trindale, a Liberal Democratic Cabinet member for Customer Services, made a successful proposal to the full council on Wednesday, requesting that signs outside schools urge parents and caregivers not to smoke within 20 meters of school gates or other entrances/exits.

He announced that if all members of the Council supported the proposal, he would quit smoking once and for all.

Council member Trendale said: “I am delighted that all parties have come together to protect children and young people, because that is at the heart of our work. Council plan.

“It was my last cigarette on Wednesday night and I hope this pledge sends a strong message. It is our duty to protect our younger residents and adults who do not smoke outside of schools are a good example.”

The Cabinet will now consider using the council’s influence to persuade the academies to put up the banners as well.

Labor Council member Zoe Nolan, Labor Cabinet member for Children and Families, supported the proposal: “Our Progressive Alliance wants Milton Keynes to be a place where people live long lives in healthy communities, and where our children are protected from harm.

“Unfortunately, smoking and secondhand smoke put our residents at risk, but I am proud that the council voted to take more action to protect children and youth in Milton Keynes. We all encourage Cllr Trendall and wish him all the best in quitting!”

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