Chita Rivera Announces ‘The Graciela Daniele Dance Scholarship’ from Art Attack Foundation

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The Art Attack Foundation will offer the Graciela Daniele Dance Scholarship starting February 2022. The scholarship fund is named after the Tony Award-winning choreographer and dancer Graciela Daniele. The scholarship will be open to dancers of all disciplines (14-20 years old) and is endorsed by the dance community with LA Dance Magic and Broadway Dance Center both of which contribute to initial donations to the scholarship fund.

Cheetah Rivera, Chair of the Art Attack Foundation, declared, “Graciela Daniele has cared for others throughout her life and has left an indelible mark on the stage, mentoring, mentoring, and teaching so much. This is a simple way to honor and convey my wonderful friend. No one deserves this honor.” More than Graciela. Who knows we might be training the next artist to follow in her footsteps. Nobody likes it more than Gracie.”

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Ms. Danielle is thrilled with the honor given by this statement, “I am moved and thankful forever for this honor, better than any award. This is what I want to do now in my long life, to help and inspire young people, as I was years ago – to study and work hard and finally make Their dreams are a beautiful and satisfying reality.”

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Mrs. Rivera was introduced to Mrs. Danielle by legendary choreographer Bob Fosse when they were cast at the show, Chicago. A personal bond and professional respect culminated when Ms. Danielle designed Chita Rivera: The Dancer’s Life.

The scholarship furthers AAF’s mission, says Dan Watt, founder and CEO of AAF, “to inspire community leaders, businesses, and individuals to engage and contribute to the education, promotion and development of young artists, and we are delighted that we can also offer a scholarship focused on dance.” Ms. Danielle has done so much to the dance community and we are honored to say “thank you” in this way.”

Other legends of musical theater including Betty Buckley and Rhonda LaChanze (AKA LaChanze) agree that this is a poignant and fitting tribute to this scholarship. Ms. Buckley says, “I love Graciella Danielle! Everyone who knows her and has been blessed by working with her loves Graciella! … She has been my principal, my mentor, my mentor, and my friend. I am forever grateful to her, her gifts and her light.”

LaChanze praises Daniele, “Graciela Daniele is the most passionate, intuitive and dynamic director/choreographer I have ever worked with…She built discipline, focus, truth and commitment into every minute of the training process…You wouldn’t be the performer I am today without wisdom and the fortitude and generosity of Graciela Daniele.”

Individuals interested in donating to the Graciela Daniele Dance Scholarship Fund can go to the AAF website to make a contribution: n.

Anyone aged 14-20, who needs financial assistance and is taking from an accredited school in the USA, can apply starting in February 2022. Applications for the grant will be available through the Art Attack website. The Art Attack Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 2004.

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