Chelsea school officials condemn racist imagery used by football player in photo

Chelsea – Chelsea manager Michael Kapolka has condemned the screenshot image of a Chelsea high school football player displaying racist images.

The photo – which was emailed to MLive on Sunday evening – showed a Chelsea player inside the team’s locker room wearing a cape similar to the Ku Klux Klan’s cap while also raising his arm, apparently trying to display the Nazi salute.

Two other Chelsea players were also seen smiling in the photo.

In an email statement to MLive on Monday afternoon, Kapolka said the school first learned of the photo on October 25, but said the photo was taken eight weeks ago and circulated across social media.

“The images depicted in this image are unacceptable and counterproductive to our district’s mission of providing a safe and inclusive school environment for all of our students,” said Kapolka.

Kapolka said the students involved received school and sports disciplinary consequences, and took part in a restorative meeting facilitated by the school.

“Going forward, it is important that we remain proactive in continuing to build the capacity of our students to become more understanding and empathetic towards each other,” Kapolka said.

Chelsea principal, Julie Hilber, told MLive in an email on Monday that she supports the school’s handling of the incident.

“I support the process the high school administration went through to administer discipline and create an educational opportunity for all involved,” Helper said. “As a district, we condemn any form of racism and will continue to work to create truly inclusive and culturally responsive school environments where all adults and children feel a sense of belonging. This incident highlights the need for our ongoing efforts moving forward.”

Chelsea Football Club are ranked number one in Division 4 and are set to host AC Milan on Friday in their region’s championship match.

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