Can Travel Hacking Hurt Your Credit?

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San Jose, California.And November 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – With the holidays fast approaching, you may be looking for ways to save on travel expenses. Travel Hacking – Using Files Credit Card Rewards For free or low-cost travel – it can be a tempting option. But if you’re considering this approach, here are some tips from myFICO on what you need to know about applying for, opening and using new credit cards that can affect your FICO® score.

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Applying for credit cards may harm your FICO® scores

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Travel hacks often require opening multiple credit cards to earn upfront rewards and get other cardholder benefits that you can use during your travels. The exact impact on your FICO score depends on your overall credit profile. but, Apply for multiple cards It can harm your results in several ways:

Difficult new inquiries

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Each credit card application can lead to a file hard question, which may reduce your FICO® score – even if new cards are not approved. a lot of Best Travel Credit Cards Also requires good to excellent credit. (you can use myFICO To check your FICO results and reports.)

Some credit card companies allow you to provide a credit card pre-approval with a simple query, which can help you determine which cards you are likely to get without affecting your FICO® score. However, card issuers may have additional restrictions. For example, regardless of your FICO score, a new card may not be approved if you recently received a card from the issuer.

Reduce the life of your accounts

The The length of your credit history It is another FICO® score factor. Opening new credit cards will reduce the average lifespan of your credit accounts, which may lower your FICO score. However, the negative impact can diminish with age in the accounts.

Manage your travel cards

The majority of your FICO score Relies on in your payment history and the amount you owe. While difficult queries and a lower average lifespan of accounts may hurt your FICO results a bit, how you manage the cards may be more important in the long run.

When hacking travel, it can be tempting to spend a lot of money to meet the minimum spending requirement to reward the introduction and earn more points or miles. But a high balance can increase Credit Usage Ratio – Even if you pay your bill in full each month – which could hurt your FICO® results. Plus, if you end up carrying a balance, the interest you pay could cost you more than what you earn in rewards.

Also, if you are not used to messing around with multiple credit cards and by mistake miss a batchAdditional fees may apply for late payment. Once your payment is 30 days past due, the late payment can also be reported to credit bureaus and damage your FICO scores.

How new cards can affect your FICO® score over time:

  • Make minimum payments by the due date. Setting up alerts or automatic payment on your credit cards can help. You may also be able to change your credit card payment dates to make it easier to remember when bills are due.
  • Pay your balances early. Credit card issuers generally report your card balance at the end of each statement period (often, a few weeks before your billing date is due). If you use your credit card to earn points and miles and you don’t want a high balance to result in a high usage rate, you may want to pay off the balance early.
  • Keep your other cards open. Credit Cards Close It can reduce your available balance, which may increase your usage. Sometimes you may want to use the cards as well, or the card issuer may close them due to idle.

Even if you manage the cards responsibly, opening multiple credit cards may hurt your FICO® scores initially – especially for people new to credit. If you’re applying for a car loan or mortgage soon, you may want to pause travel hacking even after you get the loan.

Choose your next credit cards

When you want to use travel hack to save money, look for Travel Credit Cards It can be an important first step. It may be best to apply only to credit cards you are likely to get based on the card issuer’s rules and your FICO® score. Also learn the advantages and disadvantages of each rewards program to determine which card – or cards – are best for your situation.

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