Cambusbarron parents raise safety fears over school route crashes


Camposparon residents have again spoken of their fears for their safety after the third car accident on a busy village road in recent months.


The latest accident occurred on St. Ninians Road, involving two cars, last Friday, October 29, around 3 p.m., in which a car climbed onto a sidewalk and crashed into a wall at the entrance to Home Farm Road. One of the drivers was taken to hospital as a precaution.

It follows similar incidents on St Ninians Road – which was used as a route for pupils walking to Camposparon and St Ninians Primary Schools as well as Stirling High School – in July and September this year. The September incident involved a car that overturned and ended up on its roof.


Residents blamed “young racers” for the accidents and called for the speed limit to be lowered to 20 mph from 30 mph and the introduction of traffic calming measures.

Now a concerned resident in neighboring Citizen Jaffray Court, Ashley McIlwraith, a mother of two young children, has created a petition titled “Keep Children and Villagers Safe.” By Tuesday morning this week, she had more than 630 signatures.

“This road has had its fair share of accidents in recent months and years back,” she said.

“My concern is that on Friday, had it not rained, I would have been home from school on St Ninians Road with my children, and I would have been crossing that hallway at the time of the accident.

“This applies not only to me, but to all parents in Citizen Jaffray Court and Home Farm Road, where there is no other way to get to school.

“One of these days unfortunately someone who walks this path will end up seriously hurt.

“This road is a problem. No matter the time of day, cars will constantly accelerate on this road.

“There’s a speed sign on St. Ninians Road which detects if a vehicle is exceeding 30 mph as it enters the village but half the time it is covered in trees, or even not noticed at all.”

A car hits a wall at the entrance to Home Farm Road off Saint Ninians Road, Camposparon, Friday, October 29

A Home Farm Road resident who spoke to the Observer after this week’s incident said: “We feel our pleas are falling on deaf ears at this moment. I can’t stand the thought of a child being hit on this road.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said this week: “At 3.10pm on Friday 29 October there was a two-vehicle crash on Home Farm Road.

“One of them hit a wall causing damage and a driver was taken to hospital as a precaution. There was no further police action.”

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After the September incident, Police Scotland Area Commander Chief Inspector Jill Marshall said priority in Road Police had been given to locations where there had been previous collisions where speed was a factor as well as areas with vulnerable road users, such as nearby schools and districts. With a number of pedestrians and cyclists.

She urged anyone with concerns about road safety or anti-social behavior involving vehicles to contact Police Scotland “to report enforcement activity and our patrols”.

Stirling Council Chairman and Stirling West Council member Scott Farmer said this week that he has asked council officials to look into the matter.

He commented: “I was horrified to learn of the car accident on St Ninians Road and the intersection of Home Farm Road, and how easily this could have led to fatalities.

“This is particularly terrifying as it forms part of the school’s safer roads with children and parents walking along this route. I have had a number of concerns raised by anxious residents, and to that end, the service has commissioned an investigation into these road safety concerns as an example. priority and to report on possible solutions to address them.”

“This is a dangerous path and something needs to be done about it,” said Neil Penny, leader of the council’s Conservative group and member of the Stirling West Council. Residents were calling me about this and I saw for myself how bad this road is.

Another car accident should shake up the board to take some action here and take some action to try and slow the traffic.

“That doesn’t take away from the need for people not to treat the roads around Cambusbarron like a racetrack – the roads here aren’t for driving fast, if you’re speeding, especially in places like this, you’re not only putting yourself at risk, but pedestrians and other road users.”

A spokesman for Stirling Council said: “We are in contact with Police Scotland to fully understand the circumstances of the incidents. The council is aware of the community’s concerns and will take action if necessary.”



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