Big flowers, how to get petals and plant flowers in Pikmin Bloom •

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flowers Can be cultivated by Pikmin as you explore the world Bikmin Bloom.

As you walk around while planting flowers, you may contribute to a file growth cycle big flower. This is useful because when the large flowers bloom, there will be new items for Pikmin to collect through expeditions.

Below you will learn How to get petals and flowersHere, you can start bringing some color into your landscape at Pikmin Bloom.

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Pikmin Bloom – Launch Trailer

How to grow flowers in Pikmin Bloom

To plant flowers, press the “flower” button on the right side. Select the petals you want to plant – the game will start with a small customization – then press Start.

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Now go for a walk. As you do this, it will plant the flowers behind you until you run out of petals or you hit the stop button. The next section will look at the benefits of floriculture – but before that, let’s discuss a couple of modifiers that can change the way farming works.


The first is the size of your team – which will increase with your level – and can be changed by clicking on the map at the top of the main menu, then choosing Pikmin. The more Pikmin on your team, the more flowers you will plant.

The other is that it is possible to change the petal types to grow flowers of different colors. This is pretty much a cosmetic, but it can be used to help influence what larger flowers can become (more on this in a later section). This is also where you see how many flowers you can plant with the remaining petals you have left.


It should be noted that the flowers planted and the stepsons are technically different statistics. You can assemble the steps without planting flowers. This is useful because all Pikmin Bloom level requirements require you to walk a certain distance, but only some of them also specify planting flowers.

However, growing flowers has a number of benefits – so it is useful to have this activity, especially if you want to hatch seedlings …

Why plant flowers in Pikmin Bloom?

Planting flowers while walking has three benefits:

  • During flower cultivation, your seedlings grow at least 10% faster. The longer you plant flowers per session, the higher the multiplier you will get.
  • You will earn a coin for every 500 flowers you plant.
  • Planting flowers near Big Flowers will help them grow and thrive, with planting petals of color affecting what they can become. (More on this in a later section).
The further you advance in one implantation session, the higher your multiplier.

A plus, of course, is cosmetics – seeing the flowers in the world. This is where different colors come into play as well, and we recommend choosing walking routes that you think can do with retouching.

Note that in addition to your flowers, flowers planted from other players can also appear on your map – this is a multiplayer game after all!

How to get petals in Pikmin Bloom

To plant flowers, you must have petals in your possession. There are multiple ways to get petals in Pikmin Bloom, but the most basic method is to feed Pikmin nectar.

You can feed nectar to Pikmin on the “Whistle” screen until a flower blooms on their heads, then choose the petals to add to your inventory.


Different color nectar means different color petals, hence flowers – so it’s worth rotating in your nectar collection to get a good range of colors.

If you run out of petals, you can go on excursions that can help you collect more nectar, or visit the store and buy petals, which range from 50 to 200 coins depending on the color.

Big Flowers Explained in Bloom Bloom

You can easily spot large flowers in any of their three forms—leaf, bud, and bloom—when you walk next to Pikmin in Pikmin Bloom.

The large flowers are planted by planting flowers around their base. Each one has its own radius, which is represented by a circle on the width of the walk, and you can see how many flowers are left for planting by choosing the large flower.

It takes 300 flowers to grow a large flower during each stage, which means that 600 flowers must be planted within its radius for the large flower to bloom. It’s also important to note that the big flower’s growth cycle will reset after 23 hours according to JasTx_Jasmineteax on reddit.

Plant flowers in a big flower radius to help them grow!

Fortunately, this is a community effort, with any player walking within a radius while planting flowers contributes to the big flower growth, so you don’t feel like you have to do it alone.

When a large flower blooms, a selection of rare items, such as a special glowing fruit, will appear around its base, which can be collected by sending your Pikmin on an expedition. Items you retrieve from large blooming flowers will be marked with a flower icon in the Expedition tab to help you decide which items are worth collecting.

The large flowers can also bloom in a variety of flower types, with the exact type determined in part by the flower planted around its base. If the large flower is surrounded by blue flowers for example, it will likely grow into a type of blue flower. The exception to this is the white flower that can cause other types of large flowers to bloom, so that players can easily collect different types of nectar.

Finally, your choice of flower may cause large flowers to bloom in rare forms, including roses and lanterns.

What else do you need to know about growing flowers in Pikmin Bloom?

In addition to the above explanation, here are some additional things worth knowing about growing flowers in Pikmin Bloom:

  • There is about five minutes of slowdown when planting flowers again in the same place you visited earlier. This means that you have to turn around a different path while walking, or go back and forth next to where you just walked, to maximize your cultivation.
  • The transplanted flowers will disappear within five days.
  • When feeding a Nectar to a Pikmin, anything that isn’t the default white color of the Nectar will instantly make it bloom. However, if Pikmin reaches the “bud” stage first by walking, you can spend a little Nectar to make it bloom – thus getting colorful petals for less as well.
  • Walking among the already planted flowers – by yourself or by other players – does not give you any rewards.
  • As with the steps, you can close the app as soon as you start planting flowers and it will be counted. (If you’re familiar with other Niantic games, this means “Adventure Sync” is available from day one.)
  • While the number of Pikmin in your squad will increase the bloom rate of the flowers, whether they are in a flower bud, or have a higher friendship with Pikmin, it does not seem to have an effect on how the flowers are grown.

If you want to learn more about Pikmin Bloom, check out our pages on Expeditions, Coins, and List of Level Rewards!

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