Belgian insurance consultancy Ensur plans to double by 2024

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Belgian insurance consultancy Ensur has appointed a CEO, for the first time for the company as it prepares for its next phase of growth.

Ensur was launched in 2014 as a business consulting firm dedicated to helping insurance companies design and implement change and improvement. Six years later, Ensur has grown to a team of 50 consultants and employees working with offices in Belgium and the Netherlands.

But according to Ensur co-founder and CEO Reynold Vanneville, the past period is “only the beginning of the company’s growth story.” In the next three years, the private consulting firm wants to accelerate its expansion and reach 100 employees by the end of 2024.

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Vanhevel (formerly PwC) was one of five who separated from Projective to launch their own project, and he’s been with the company in a leadership position ever since. His promotion to CEO coincides with a new organizational structure that sees the company operate with four business lines (Business Advisory, Risk & Compliance, Technology Advisory, and Digital) and two brands (Ensure Advisory Services and Wave Advisory Technology and Digital).

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At the core of its ambition for growth are three pillars. For one, expanding its range of services. Vanhevel: “Risk, compliance, and digital are all relatively new lines of business, and we will focus more on them in the coming years for which we have provided the necessary expertise.”

This pillar also includes ambition to expand into financial services. First stop: the middleman segment, which Vanneville describes as “a very interesting target group that faces similar challenges to insurance companies.”

The second goal on the roadmap: international expansion. We are determined to be more active outside the borders of Belgium. In addition to expanding our existing Dutch office (which mainly focuses on the pension and life insurance sector), we are looking at options to start operating in other European countries as well,” Vanneville said, without revealing further details.

The bustling insurance sector – and the resulting need for change – is the third driver of growth. Vanhevel identifies a number of pressing challenges: “customers demand a Spotify-like experience, the need for a data-driven business with having to overcome data fragmentation and legacy systems, privacy and cybersecurity concerns, heightened regulation, and increased competition from digital first and big tech companies, For example but not limited to. ”

“It is simply not realistic that insurers and brokers have all the expertise and capacity needed to meet these challenges. At Ensur, we are passionate about the insurance industry and understand better than anyone the business challenges facing insurers and brokers. We can translate these challenges into solutions and bring them to life.”

The other founders of Ensur are Mostafa Kharboush, Peter Kneipkins, Stefan Bodevin and Nikki Serwes – all of whom hold leadership positions within the company. Leading Business Lines: Nikki Serwes (Insurance Business Consulting), Patricia Judt (Risk & Compliance) and Chris Clasens (Technology & Digital Consulting).

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