BBC Radio 1 launches Annie Nightingale scholarship to give big break to female and non-binary DJs

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The BBC has announced that the BBC Scholarship in honor of the longest-serving DJ, will be open to non-binary applicants.

A new show called Annie Nightingale, who has been on BBC Radio 1’s programming for 50 years after becoming the first female anchor, has launched to promote up-and-coming dance DJs.

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The BBC said the Annie Nightingale Presents scholarship will be open to female and non-dual talents who are “historically under-represented” in the world of electronic music.

Nightingale, 81, said: “I was the first ever DJ on radio and am now the oldest service announcer of any gender.

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“Since I started, I’ve wanted to help other young broadcasters who are passionate about music achieve their dreams on the airwaves, and now we at Radio 1 are putting that on the right footing.”

The National Platform for New Talents

The scholarship recipients will be selected by Nightingale itself and will be shown by the BBC, with three winners each year dedicating one hour Saturday night on Radio 1.

The station said in a statement that it “aims to celebrate and advance talented and non-binary people in the electronic music scene by providing them with a national platform to showcase their taste and expertise.”

The BBC’s announcement follows an earlier project led by Radio 1 DJ Jaguar, which aims to “improve gender balance in the music industry by giving 1,000 girls and gender minorities free training”.


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