Avoid these 5 Mistakes while doing your Scholarship Application 

The scholarship is a matter of prestige and support. Winning a scholarship is a reflection of outstanding academic performance and skills; It also gives you great relief from university spending and incidentals. But gaining prestige and support is not an easy task because scholarships are limited and applicants are very many. The competition is stiff so you will have to make sure that you step up your resume game and fill out your scholarship application very carefully. In this article, our attention will be on the application process.

The scholarship application process should not be tampered with. Your future will not only be determined by what you write in your application but also by how you write. Every little detail that is required to be mentioned in the form and every other document that is submitted with it requires your attention. Today, we are going to take a look at what we often do and end up spoiling our scholarship application.

Watch out for the following five mistakes!

  1. Not keeping track of deadlines
    Scholarships are generally open for a number of months. This also becomes the reason why many students reckless with deadlines. They end up thinking that long deadlines mean they have plenty of time to get things done; Many begin to prepare for this operation at the last minute. Those who are really serious about going through this process should keep an eye on the deadlines. You may have a month before the scholarship application window closes, however you may fail to meet the deadline.

  1. Take the essay question for granted
    A common aspect of any scholarship application process is the essay question. Generally, scholarship applications ask applicants to write an essay, for example, what makes them the best candidate for the award or what their best qualities are. There can be a single essay question or multiple groups, depending on the scholarship. You have to make sure that you write an essay that is detailed, grammatically appropriate, and engaging. Furthermore, if you are applying for multiple scholarships, do not consider copying and pasting a single essay across all forms. Try to tailor your essays to the applicable scholarship requirements as this shows that you have already invested in the process.

  1. Failure to meet the eligibility criteria
    You might think who does that but there are plenty of students who do. Yes, I understand that reading the eligibility criteria is tedious and time consuming but this is the first step in the application process. First, yes, and so is the basic! No matter how good your application fails to meet the eligibility criteria, it will immediately knock you out of the picture. Hence, it is very important that you check the criteria carefully and only apply for those scholarships for which you are eligible. Believe me, scholarship application processes can be really lengthy and stressful and you should avoid wasting time as you don’t need the investment in the first place.

  1. Don’t even think about smaller scholarships
    Well, we all want to win a fully funded scholarship. But, as I said earlier, there are only a very limited number of scholarships and many candidates; This is, in particular, a case with big names such as Rhodes Scholarship. However, there are many scholarships that offer smaller funds. You might think they don’t deserve it but think about it for a moment. First, it is not very competitive. Second, apply for different scholarships to cover miscellaneous expenses. So, yes, the process will be more stressful than ever, but it will surely bring great results if done correctly.

  1. Forget about checking the order
    The committees that review scholarship applications expect scholarship applications to be free from defects. Errors in your application show a negligent attitude towards the process. No matter how boring you find proofreading, you should get your application, particularly the article, and get it corrected. Ask your friends, professors or professionals to check your application. Do not submit the application after one language correction because that is not enough. Remember, even a small mistake in punctuation can make a bad impression on you. So, review, review and review!

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