All of VALORANT’s RiotX Arcane pass rewards and how to get them

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Riot Games is celebrating the launch of its upcoming animated series, Arcane, with the RiotX Arcane Card. Valorant The biggest event to date includes 10 exclusive items inspired by items from the show.

Three-act Netflix series, based on League of Legends, follows the balance between the wealthy and utopian city of Beltoffer and the miserable and downtrodden underground Zaun, and features iconic characters including the Jinx and Vi sisters.

The RiotX Arcane Card is scheduled to be released on November 5 at 4 PM, will be free to all players and will be available until November 22. Here’s the full list of pass bonuses and how to get them throughout the month of November.

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Fishbone Gun Companion

The Fishbones Gun Companion, the Jinx’s iconic weapon, will be available on November 6. Any player watching Arcane’s world premiere on Twitch or will be able to earn this bonus as long as they are registered and linked. Riot account on the streaming platform. The reward will also be available via European broadcast on November 7.

Arcane Poro gun buddy

Inspired by Poros, the mysterious, magical and gentle creatures of League of LegendsThis rifle companion will be available starting November 7. Players can earn the reward by completing missions in World of RiotX Arcane.

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loose cannon spray

The Loose Cannon Spray, based on Jinx fish bones, will be available starting November 14th via World of RiotX Arcane.

Arcane Jinx player card

More information about the Arcane Jinx player card will be available soon.

Arcane Cupcake Gun Friend

Obtained via the RiotX Arcane card.

Arcane Embrace Player Card

Obtained via the RiotX Arcane card.

Welcome to the Undercity Player Card

Obtained via the RiotX Arcane card.

calculated spray

Obtained by leveling the RiotX Arcane card.

bubble! spray

Obtained via the RiotX Arcane card.

The nicknames Arcane, Cupcake and Liar

Obtained via the RiotX Arcane card.

Photos via Riot Games

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