9 Best Study Tips To Pass Any Examination In Nigeria


It always the joy of any student to successfully pass exam with flying color, But they are lots of factors that can hinder you from passing examination. Most times, It could be poor preparation of or even not following the examination curriculum. Without wasting much time, Let me show you 9 best study tips to pass exam in Nigeria.

If you want to get a good grade in your academics, I will advice you to read through this article because I have collected the key to passing examination in one sitting.

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study tips for student who want to pass exam in nigeria

Let’s Begin…

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Best study tips to pass exam in Nigeria

1. Make out timetable

empirically, Successful student tends to have their own study timetable apart from their school academic schedule and they follow it judiciously without missing a day or study hour. For you to make a good grade in Nigeria, You must planned your activities in other to fit in with your extra curricular activities.

2. Study ahead of your teachers.

Studying a new topic before your tutor comes to classroom gives you more insight about what you need to learn for the day. following the mapped out timetable is a best study tips.

3. Making your own personal note

A well structured note can improve your knowledge because it reminds you what you have read during examination, and it rear for you to forget any topic.

4. Visit your teachers.

Your teachers are always there for you.

Don’t be afraid to visit your academic adviser because they have volunteered them self to help you pass exam. But it seems that most of them could scary, gather courage and approach them with your problems.

5. your time is precious

A good usage of your time with your academic related career will improve your learning hence you have devoted yourself to study your exam material.

6. Make Intelligent Friends

don’t say you are not here to make friend in school .Let that ideology of bad friend not deceive your advantage of making good friend who are brilliant. don’t feel too big telling your school friends to put in other in any subject you finds difficult. brilliant friends can be helpful.

7. Come to lectures frequently

coming to lectures will increase your chance of  passing all your course because your teachers might say what will come out in the exam which you can never find during your study hour.

8. Practice past question.

They are lots off repetition of question on Nigeria examination. so therefore, it is advisable to answer past question after reading the subject textbook. it tells how your exam question structure will like.

Bonus: I thought of it that bonus will add more ingredient to this article.

9. Eat well before sitting for exam

Don’t say I don’t eat food before writing exam because it makes me dull. I bet you lie. A well prepared food will enhance your brain to accumulate all you have read and makes you fit for the exam.

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