The 7 Keys To A Successful Teamwork – Teamwork Overview


The human body for instance is a complex organic machine that functions effectively as a result of cooperate works of its different systems.

They have a common goal of sustaining life. Life meanwhile is a function of teamwork. It entails providing a right avenue to achieve a particular objective.

Teamwork, therefore is the cooperate effort of each person in a team to attain an aim that is communal.

Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individuals’ accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon result'(Andrew Carnegie).

In fact its seems easier to succeed in any activity once embodied in teamwork. Some people might be good individually but teamwork makes them the best. Helen Keller once said, ” Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.

A single stick of broom is useless if intended for sweeping but when gathered in tens, it becomes useful. Some good qualities can be harnessed when teamed up.  However, any team that doesn’t have a vision is aimless and unfounded.

Every subject of a team keeps his/her personal differences aside in order to contribute maximally for a collective success. “Talent wins a game but teamwork and intelligence win championship” (Michael Jordan). Talent is a personal skill and it is limited, it becomes limitless if integrated into a team.

Many companies and cooperate organisations that are doing great today is not because of the skills possessed by its individual subjects but the level of teamwork that exist within their management. Also any football team that does not have a good teamwork hardly perform exceptional no matter how skillful its players may be. Teamwork harnesses individual talents and skills to achieve their goal.

7 keys to achieving goal as a team – teamwork overview

It is worthwhile to understand essential components and mechanisms of a team. For a team to be strong it is vital that it must have leaders. The leaders are like the brain that controls activities of the team and coordinates teamwork.

Most times they remain incognito or work  behind the scene. An effective teamwork also has defence that maintains its vision. They work ardently with other components in one way or the other, and join powers together to achieve their aim.

Teamwork has bedrock and spines upon which it must be built on; and if any of them is faulty, the team becomes fragile or prone to jeopardy.

7 Keys To Achieve Your Goal As A Team

  1. Love


Love is a caring affection that should exist among members of a team for it begets peace and progress. Any team that lacks love suffers from poor teamwork. Therefore on the process of establishing a teamwork, love should exist concurrently.It serves as a cohesive force that binds minds together. The modus vivendi of every successful team must be tolerable prior to love that exist among its subjects.

2. Vision


Vision is an essential feature of teamwork, it is the force that keeps a team awake. The unquenchable fire that burns in midnight. Teamwork can be seen panoramically in many area such as: football, companies or cooperate organisations, the body systems, Integrated circuit, ant/bee colony to mention etc. For a teamwork to be established, there must be a vision or common goal that each individual channels his/her effort toward.

3. Honesty


Honesty and trust. Honesty is like a father to trust. Trust can only be found where honesty, integrity and straightforwardness reign. There should be a permeable truth among subjects of any team that has vision. Honesty binds teamwork.  Its a like a thread around a head of broom. It assures prophylactic security to a team. Show me any team that is built in honesty and I will show you happy friends.

4. Trust


Trust complements honesty. Trust gives confidence, and confidence is a slight channel to success. Trust should exist among team, it helps them believe in themselves and gives them confidence in time of controversies.
Teamwork is more intense when members of a team show appreciation among themselves for every  effort invested by any of them.

5. Appreciation


Appreciation is a virtue that arises from the deepest depth of every grateful heart. It is like motivation given to a giver or doer since it encourages the him/her to give or do more. The driving force that motivates teamwork is appreciation. No effort is too little not to be appreciated. The moment motivation dies in a team, the same moment its teamwork starts declining.

6. Unity

The 7 Keys To A Successful Teamwork - Teamwork Overview

Meanwhile not every team accomplishes their goal, some teamwork ends in failure. This occurs as a result of incompatible ideas coming together. A house divided against itself cannot stand, teamwork that lacks unity is subject to division. When division arises in a team, their mission sags down and their vision shatters. Things started to fall apart when the centre could not hold (Achebe). The success of every team lies in its unity and so does its failure lies in its division. Teamwork is all about tolerance among individuals’ differences the ability to adapt to their shortcomings.


Goals that we cannot achieve with our personal effort can be achieved with the help of friends with like minds. Let’s propagate team spirit because it does not only bring out the best in us, it equally project us to the climax of our dreams.
Teamwork therefore, becomes a virtue that we must venture into since two good ideas brought together superpose constructively.

Written by: Emmanuel Inevitable


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