6 scholarships for students who want to study abroad

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There has been a recent rise in the number of students looking to study abroad. The factors responsible for this recent phenomenon of stellar rise in international university applications relate to healthcare infrastructure, accommodation facilities offered, growth in the Indian economy and diversity in courses offered by international universities.

Despite these facilities, one major limitation that pulls down the Indian aspirants and their parents is the financial burden. One must admit that studying in most countries around the world is not affordable unless the student and parents are aware of and benefit from the scholarships and financial aid facilities for international students at the target destination.

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Most of the top international universities offer scholarships based on notable achievements along with consistent academic performance. This fact becomes clearer when studying more available scholarship databases.

Here you can take a quick look at six postgraduate scholarships for undergraduate studies:

1. Rhodes Scholarship A financial benefit of 15,000 EGP per year is allowed for the first two years of study. The University of Oxford offers the scholarship with a potential judgment criterion for exemplary participation in community service.

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2. TATA Scholarships for Cornell University Allow cash advantage to cover full tuition fees and other financial needs during the study period. The scholarship is provided by the Tata Education and Development Trust with a potential judging criterion for offering admission to Cornell for UG students.

3. Danforth Scholars Program A cash advantage of either full tuition/50 percent of tuition fees or a monthly stipend of $2,500 is allowed, depending on the financial needs of the student’s course. The scholarship is offered by Washington University in St. Louis with a potential judging criterion to assess their passion for helping others.
4. The Nanyang Scholarships allows cash benefits from the entire tuition fee, S$6,500 living allowance, S$2,000 subsistence allowance, S$5,000 travel allowance for the overseas program and S$1,750 computer allowance. The scholarship is offered by Nanyang Technological University with a potential judging criterion to assess leadership potential, academic performance, and volunteer experience.

5. Boston University Presidential Scholarship A cash benefit of $25,000 per year is allowed. The scholarship is offered by Boston University with a possible judging criterion that the student must have excellent academic achievements.

6. Karsh International Scholarship A financial advantage is allowed from the full tuition fee. The scholarship is offered by Duke University with a potential judging criterion based on academic performance.

Advice from the Pratham Test Prep’s Office of International Education suggests that parents of wards in Class 11 and beyond should pay attention to some areas, which include:

1. Academic consistency.
2. Achieving extracurricular achievements.
3. Contribution to society.
4. Participation in projects based on technology, design, entrepreneurship or any other field of interest.
5. Research orientation is of high value to students who aim to study pure sciences, economics, literature, psychology, sociology, etc.
6. Gather valuable training experience.
7. Participation in international and national competitions, including Olympiads, hackathons, business idea competitions and many more.
8. Preparation for national and international entrance exams.
9. Excel in your passion, such as dancing, music, painting, or any other field.

If a personal advisor could approach each student for these purposes, it would be more rewarding to look at these scholarships and many others with greater intent. Guidance is necessary to know the appropriate resources and especially to manage the time of the student, who already has a lot of tasks.

Written by Ankit Kapoor, Co-Founder and Director of Pratham Test Prep

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