£5m scheme to support therapeutic and counselling in primary schools in Northern Ireland | UTV


The Minister for Education has launched a £5 million scheme to support curative and advisory services in primary schools in Northern Ireland.

The Healthy Happy Minds pilot service will include all primary and private schools with a primary group and EOTAS basic provision and will run until the end of March 2022.


Schools will receive direct stipends, 50% immediately and 50% in January 2022, to secure appropriate support for their children.

“I welcome the launch of the £5 million Healthy Happy Minds Therapy and Advisory Service today. Crucially, pupils in all primary schools will be allowed to participate in therapeutic and advisory services until the end of March 2022,” Michelle McKelvin said at the launch event.


The Healthy Happy Minds pilot program is one of a set of measures that support the implementation of “The Emotional Health and Well-being of Children and Young People in Education”, providing support to primary school students with the goal of preventing and reducing mental health problems.

“When we consider that 50% of mental health problems arise by age 14, the importance of promoting emotional health and well-being in the early stage is clear.”


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