5 Crucial Steps to Study Abroad From Nigeria

Education is the bedrock of human growth.


Section 1: Know the type of course you want to study

In what field of studies do you wish to study? From Medicine to Law, you can be a first class law student in any school in Nigeria. Yet, if you want to study sports medicine in the USA, you cannot. Do you want to be an athlete? Do you want to study investment banking in Switzerland? They are all in the field of Economics and it is the only course you can study abroad.  If you know what you want, you can know how to get the school, city, money and visa you want. However, if you don’t know, you will be at the mercy of whatever your current state of study is, and the place you want to go to. If you don’t have the study abroad plans in mind, take the time to study the country you want to study in.


Apply for scholarships and grants

You need funding in order to study abroad. The more grants and scholarships you have, the better. Research programs and matching services are available to you. Don’t just dream – plan to study abroad by applying for scholarships and grants. For more information, check out the Global Alliance for the International Education of African Students, an independent organization that connects African students with a network of scholarships and grants, as well as supporting them with this process. You can also contact the US Embassy in Nigeria.  Apply for an invitation  Consider submitting an application for an invitation to the US or other countries to come and study here. An invitation will be sent to you directly from the sponsoring institution (school, internship, summer camp, etc.).


Get a visa

If your university or college has told you that you have to travel from Nigeria to the study abroad country, get a visa. Depending on your purpose for studying abroad, the embassy will look into it and after a few weeks, you’ll get a visa.  Apply for a credit card  You can apply for a credit card through the American Express website. You must have a basic knowledge of American Express rules and regulations, which should include online payments, additional authorization for online payments, late fee, etc. You also need to fill out a form, select your University and which country you will be studying in. You will get a response via email in the form of a credit card application, which will be submitted online.


Choose the right university/college

It is important to look for institutions that have high research and development outputs and where there are good teaching-learning environment. It is also advisable to learn more about the local cultural practices and to know your rights in any foreign land. If your university is offering study programmes in foreign countries, then it is even better to think twice before enrolling. It may sound appealing to study abroad, but it can be a dangerous venture if you do not know the right things to do and that too at a young age. If you choose a good university abroad, you are guaranteed to get a good university education, learning, research, travel, and social development.  Put your money together and plan your itinerary.


Prepare your mind

Allow your mind to rest and be revived in the course of going away for school. Create the mind of a scholar and a problem solver.  Think about your mission  You may not understand your mission in life, so keep praying about it. You must make sure that your goal is set clear, and the steps you will need to take to achieve it.  Review your current world view  Your worldview is the way you see the world. A more relevant worldview is helpful if you’re going to study abroad, and it’s especially helpful in an environment with diverse views and thought processes.  Break down your goals into steps  Once you know your mission, break it down into concrete, logical steps. Think about the best method to get there.  Don’t make the mistake of only dreaming about studying abroad, it’s not enough.


Learn about your country

Be familiar with the history, government, geography, politics, economy, culture, entertainment, religion, education, events, sports, technology and people of your home country. It will help you answer some of the questions about your country that have always plagued you. You can search Wikipedia, BBC, HuffingtonPost, IMDB, and more to get a grip on some of these topics.  Ask your local Nigerian family and friends. They are more than happy to answer any questions that you might have.  Visit your country and explore the places you are most interested in.  After getting a broad picture of your country, go ahead and research a particular part of the country. Spend a couple of weeks doing extensive research on a particular country, one you are interested in. Or a specific topic of interest.


Language preparation

Reading Comprehension and Critical Thinking  Lifestyle – eating habits, meditation and solitude  Teamwork  6. Study Abroad Program  Start by researching reputable international private educational institutions where the University of Manchester’s Master of Science in International Management has a new postgraduate study abroad program and where you can study for a Master’s degree on the Manchester campus in Manchester, UK. You can also study in the UK for the MA in International Marketing.  The University of Manchester has campuses in UK, USA, China, Vietnam and India. It is one of the leading Business Schools globally.  Study Abroad Program from University of Manchester  7. Abroad Program  Another great choice is an international program.


Money management

In Nigeria, there are many students going abroad for further studies and most of the good schools in Nigeria cannot afford the treatment abroad.  Let’s talk about Nigeria because we should be proud of what we have in Nigeria and also, we should know where we stand in Africa because the things that we have in Nigeria should be a problem to us.  Many students travel to the developed countries in search of better education but how many Nigerians go abroad?  Only 5% of Nigerians go abroad to study and when they go there, they are usually not prepared for the learning process.  Most of the time, they do not have the basic necessities for studying.



There is a saying that there is more to travelling than seeing sights, although this is very true. The real purpose of seeing is for the purpose of seeing, and there is no sight that is without learning. Taking up a study abroad program is just a major step towards achieving this.  Of course, your study abroad experience will be made even more meaningful and meaningful if you take it upon yourself to learn while you are there.  Learn about your host country, know about the culture, get to know the people, experience their local cuisine, and learn about their history. Learn to speak your host language.



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