How To Write A Good Job Application Letter


If you hoping to get a job, then, think about writing application letter.

So many people spend alot of years to become a good employee but never thought of how to present what they can offer to a company in letter writing.

job application letter

Most times, letter of application serves as a test of knowledge to people applying for a job. It’s a document that is attached on Curriculum vitae to help summarize your capability of your dream job.

Upon the important of this, work applicant are now judged according to their application letter settings. many have lost interview which would have secured an occupation due to poor writing of cover letter.

with little to not distance time, let find out together on how to write a good application letter with no error.

How To Start An Application Letter

1. Begin with your contact Infomation

2. Salutation (Dear Ma/sir)

3. Body Of Letter

4. Complimentary

5. Hand Written Signature

1. Begin with your contact information: This section describe what your employers need to know about your background.

A well arranged letterheading at the top of your paper increases your chance of getting the job. try to include this information listed below to your heading.

i.Full Name

ii. Residential Address

iii. Social Media profiles (Facebook, twitter and linkdin)

iv. Active Email Address

v. Personal website (optional in most case)

The length of an application letter should not exceed one page of an A4 paper.

Salutation: Your greeting should come in polite manner. commonly used salutation are; “Dear Mr./Ms.”followed by the person who they are writing the letter’s last name. your salutation should not exceed the first paragraph.

In some cases where you don’t know the name of the person you are writing the application for check here to more details.

Body of letter: This section comprises three different part.

Firstly, the description of where you saw the job notification at first.

Secondly, dicuss your interest, experience, qualification and review how you would engage yourself for fast growing of the job if you are granted to be a part of the organization.

Finally, appreciation to the management for receiving and reading your job application letter, and telling the hiring manager that you will be glad to get a positive feedback as soon as possible.

Complimentary: Yours sincerely or Best followed by the person’s name are the recommeded complement for closing your letter.

This are some of the complementary terms you can choose from;

  • Sincerely
  • Sincerely yours
  • Regards
  • Best
  • Best regards
  • With best regards
  • Kind regards
  • Yours truly
  • Most sincerely
  • Respectfully
  • Respectfully yours
  • Thank you
  • Thank you for your consideration

Hand Written Signature: Your signature follow by your name should end the letter writting.

Note: The font size and font style used in an application letter are 16 and Times New Roman respectively.

Letter Of Application Samples

Do you need to write an resume before getting a job?  often time, the answer is yes.

In some cases of part time job, Employers don’t require your application before they can offer a work to applicant.

But writing one will help you list your skills aquisition and achievement you have made in your past year.

This can increase your chance of becoming employed for job.

Nevertheless, here is an applicantion letter template below that have helped unemployed person get a well paying job.

At this junction, I believe this website have made available the best noticable letter template.

Create a proper effective application letter using the method will have emphasized on in this page, find a vacany and apply for a job.Good luck!!!


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